Subject: Good Questions

A good question for a student to post in the discussion area is one which will require students to use enter into serious reflection or consideration of issues and at time to use their critical analysis skills. A good question will require the respondent to demonstrate both factual knowledge of the content and a comprehension of how the knowledge applies to the humans.

Here is an example of the kind of question I am looking for from you.

How would you deal with anomolous newborns whose parents want nothing done to keep the child alive , not even feeding the child?

Would you want someone present with you at the time you die?

What would you want as the cause of your death?

Have you ever suffered the death of a loved one?

Here are other examples of a good questions:

Which does the law state with regard to refusing medical treatment in New York State?

This question requires knowledge , comprehension , and critical analysis .

What would you want the law to state with regard to using dead bodies for transplants and other forms of therapy?

You must post your class-discussion questions in the DISCUSSION area.

I will evaluate the quality of your discussion questions, as well as the quality (and quantity) of your answers to the questions asked by me and the other students.

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