Course Outline and Requirements

In lieu of the journal students may undertake individually or with a group some special project, the results of which will be made available to this class and other classes. Such projects might include compiling a bibliography, reviewing certain movies, anthropological survey of cemetery memorials, interviews with funeral directors, morgue attendants, police, nurses, undertaking a survey or administering a questionnaire. The instructor will assist in the planning and if possible, help to secure faculty assistance if it is desirable. The instructor may advise students to take advantage of faculty assistance in certain cases. Projects must be of use to others. Examples of projects are listed herein. Permission to work on a project must be secured from the instructor in writing in the first quarter of the semester (use form provided).

Some Examples of Projects

  1. Bibliographies & Lists
      1. Widowhood.
      2. Euthanasia.
      3. Clinical care of the dying.
      4. Suicide.
    2. Filmography
    3. Lists of Songs
    4. Lists of Operas
  2. Visits to:
    1. Medical examiner's office (morgue)
    2. Animal cemetery
    3. Cancer Care (N.Y.C.)
    4. Hospice (New Haven)
    5. Calvary Hospital (Bronx)
    6. Cemeteries
    7. Funeral directors
    8. Monument makers
    9. Cemetery custodians
    10. Various agencies dealing with death or dying
    11. Arranging alternative funeral services (modernized)
  3. Reports:
    1. How death has been treated in painting.
    2. Suicide statistics.
    3. How patients are screened for dialysis treatments.
    4. Changing attitudes toward a "Natural Death".
    5. Reincarnation.
    6. Cremation.
    7. Cryogenics.
    8. Smoking and fear of death.
    9. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
    10. Televised violence and children.
    11. Organ donations.
    12. Children's nursery rhymes and ballads.
    13. Children's fairy tales.
    14. Out-of-Body experiences.
    15. Spiritualism and seances.
    16. Genocide.
    17. Senecide.
    18. Humor and death.
    19. Sympathy cards
  4. Questionnaires:
    1. Psychology Today Questionnaire, "You and Death"
    2. Modes of Immortality
    3. Euthanasia
    4. For Firemen
    5. For Students
  5. Interviews with police, fire, ambulance personnel
  6. Preparing outlines of audio-tape materials
  7. Screening films on death and dying
  8. Writing, reading, collecting poetry
  9. Artistic Projects:
    1. Montage-Collage --- Decoupage
    2. Photographic essay
    3. Sculpture and poetry
    4. Original oil painting
    5. Performance - singing (Madrigal)
    6. Original musical compositions
  10. Physical Labor
    1. Typing
    2. Filing
    3. Re-organizing information
    4. Tabulating questionnaire results
Projects - all projects are due by the final exam date. All projects will remain property of the college for the use of future students.
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