Course Outline and Requirements

List of Death & Dying Tapes

(All should be available for listening/viewing in the Reserve Room of the Library)

  1. Nursing Tapes on the "Stages of Death" presented by Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Tape # NC53, 54, 55, 56
  2. Classroom Presentations:
    1. Tape # SSC/DD1 "Suicide" - Dr. Stanley Rustin
    2. SSC2 "The Stages of Grief" - Dr. Roberta Temes
    3. SSC3 "The Role of Faith" - Fr. Sullivan, Rabbi Joshua Hertzberg
    4. SSC4 "How Aesthetic Realism Views Death" - Dr. Arnold Perry
    5. SSC11 "The Commodification of Death" - Dr. Angela Karp
    6. SSC12 "Death and the Mind" - Dr. Lawrence Fantl
  3. Special Tapes
    1. SSC5 "The Three Brothers" - Association for the Understanding of Man (AUM)
    2. SSC13 Edgar Cayce - Hugh Lynn Cace
    3. SSC15 Not for Women Only - "On Death and Dying" - Kubler-Ross, et al.
    4. SSC14 A Visit to the Morgue - QCC Students
  4. Nursing Dept. Medical Arts Building, 3rd Floor Room MA-333 9am-4pm Mon-Fri.
  5. FILM:

    FC 7 Care of the Dying Patient

    58 American Attitudes Toward Death and Dying

    59 Guidelines for interacting with the Dying Person

    60 Hazards and Challenges in Providing Care

    61 Psychological Reactions of the Dying Person

    62 Viewpoint: The Dying Patient

    63 Viewpoint: The Nurse

    141 Closing the Circle:part 1 Meaning of Death

    142 Closing the Circle:part 2 A TIme to Mourn

    143 Closing the Circle:part 3 Walk in the world for me


    The Nurse and the Dying Patient NC 42,43

    Death and Dying-Needs of the Dying Patient NC 53

    Stages of Dying NC 54

    Prolongation of Life NC 55

    Questions and answers NC 56

    The Dying Child: Helping Siblings,Families NC 160

    Filmstrip: FS-0236, 0237, 0238 Did Jenny Have to Die?

  6. Music Tapes - in the instructor's possession
  7. Video Tapes available in the Library IRC
    1. Grief, by Dr. Roberta Temes
    2. Edgar Cayce, by Dr. Peter Alimaras (VC-0309)
    3. No Code: Orders to Let Die (VC-0218 VC-0219)
    4. Until I Die (VC-0461)
  8. Films
    1. Death and Dying in the Hospital (F16-0025)
    2. How Could I not Be Among You (F12-0086)
    3. Who Shall Survive? (F12-0092)
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