Course Outline and Requirements

Study Guide

This guide supplies the list of references which it is expected the students will use in order to prepare in advance for class discussions as well as to answer the examination questions.

The "Preparations" are required readings; the "Supplementary" readings are suggestions. Most suggestions are to texts on the recommended list. ONLINE TEXTBOOK  refers to the required textbook for the course.

The letter V refers to articles available in a special file behind the counter in the Library Reserve Room.

Audiotapes and filmstrips are available in the Library Reserve Room.

Handouts:  Given out in class at the time of the discussion or available on the website on the COURSE CALENDAR or under HANDOUTS..

The authors listed under Supplementary readings are listed in the BIBLIOGRAPHY and all of the referenced works were at one time in the QCC Library.

Topic: Introduction

Preparation: ONLINE TEXTBOOK ch. 1.

Supplementary: Charmaz ch. 1,2,3

Dallery pp. 441-464, "When, Why &Where People Die";  Schulz ch. 1,2

Topic: You and Death

Supplementary: Psychology Today June 1971

Preparation: The questionnaire distributed in class.

Topic: Ivan Illych

Preparation: ONLINE TEXTBOOK The Death of Ivan Illych by Leo Tolstoy, In any text, any translation.

Supplementary: Donnelly - ch. 8 "Death and Ivan Illych"

Topic: The Experience of Dying - The Stages of Dying

Preparation:  ONLINE TEXTBOOK ch 3

Supplementary: Kubler-Ross (1969) On Death and Dying

Wilcox ch. 2 ;  Wyshogrod ch. 2 on Death and Dying;  Schneidman ch. 7 Personal Perspectives on Dying

Kubler-Ross (1975)ch. 2 Why is it so hard to die? Bugen #2,4,6; V-201 Between the Nipple and the Everlasting Arms

Tapes: NC 53,54,55 Nursing Materials - Room 333 Medical Arts Buidling

Filmstrips: NC 58-63

Topic: Health, Professionals and the Care of the Dying

Preparation: ONLINE TEXTBOOK ch. 4

Supplementary: LeShan pp 94-98

V-117 "What To Tell Cancer Patients"

V-118 "Do Cancer Patients Want To Be Told?"

V-119 "Physicians Consider Death"

Feifel (1959) ch. 14 Treatment of the Dying Patient, ch. 15 Doctor and Death

Ramsey (1970) ch. 3 On Only Caring for the Dying

Schneidman pp. 516-522 Hospice, pp. 438-442 Common Fallacies About the Dying

Charmaz ch. 5,6; Shulz ch. 4; Bugen #11,l3,19,22,23,28,29

Annas, George, et al. The Rights of Doctors, Nurses and Health Professionals. New York: Avon Books, 1981.

Topic: Hospice Care

Preparation: ONLINE TEXTBOOK  Allen -"Hospice"

Topic: The Rights of the Dying Person

Preparation: ONLINE TEXTBOOK  ch 9

Supplementary: Veatch ch. 6 - "She'll Be Happier If She Never Knows"

Beauchamp ch. 3; Annas, George The Rights of Hospital Patients. N.Y.: Avon Books, 1976. (ACLU)

Topic: Anticipatory Grief

Preparation: ONLINE TEXTBOOK  Austin Kutscher - "Anticipatory Grief, Death and Bereavement" HANDOUT

Supplementary: Schneidman ch. 5 Participants of Death, pp. 243-303 Coping with Terminal Illness

Topic: Bereavement - Grief


Supplementary: Temes Living With An Empty Chair. HANDOUT

Shulz ch. 6 Surviving Death; Hardt ch. 8; Charmaz ch. 9; Wilcox ch. 3; Schneidman ch. 6 Survivors of Death; Bugen ch. 3, 5, 8, 9, l2, l5; 

Handout: The Stages of Grief

Tape: SSC-2 The Stages of Grief - by Roberta Temes

Topic: The Rites of Passage and Funeral Customs

Preparations: ONLINE TEXTBOOK  ch.6.

Supplementary: Hardt ch. 6, 7,9; Bugen #10, 14; Feifel ch. 11 Social Uses of Funeral Rites; V-202 Attitudes Toward the Newly Dead; Kubler-Ross pp. 87-104 A Mother Mourns and Grows (1975); Arnold VanGennep Rites of Passage; Robert Hertz  "Death and The Right Hand"

Topic: Funerals

Preparation: .

Supplementary: Funerals, FTC and Memorial Societies

HANDOUT: Before Death Occurs

Topic: The Definition of Death

Preparation: ONLINE TEXTBOOK  ch 7


Beauchamp ch. 1; Hardt ch. 3 A Flat EEG?

V-114 Determining Death: Do We Need A Statute?

V-113 Refinements in the Criteria for Determining Death

V-301 Brain Death: Welcome Definition or Dangerous Judgment

V-302 A Definition of Irreversible Coma

V-303 Neocortical Death After Cardiac Arrest

Veatch ch. 1 and 2 Defining Death

V-304 Death: Its Conceptual Elusiveness

V-305 A Statutory Definition of the Standard for Death

V-307 The Kansas Statute on Death - An Appraisal

Ramsey ch. 2 on Updating Procedures for Stating That a Man Had Died

Schneidman ch. 4 The Determination of Death

Dallery Section Six

Topic: Transplants, Cadavers and Neo-Morts - The Use of Dead Bodies

Preparation: ONLINE TEXTBOOK  ch 8



Gaylin, Willard "On Harvesting the Dead" Harper's Magazine, Sept. 1974 Vol. 249, 1492ff.

Supplementary: V-308 Against the Stream

V-1212 Attitudes Toward the Newly Dead

Ramsey 1970 ch. 4 The Self Giving of Vital Organs, ch. 5 Giving or Taking Cadaver Organs

Dallery Section Six

Veatch ch. 7 The Newly Dead

Donor Cards - HANDOUTS

Topic: Mass Death and Total Annihilation


Supplementary: Lifton & Olson Living and Dying - in Pecorino pp 277-281

Wyshogrod ch. 5 On Death and Death

Symbolism: The Hiroshima Disaster

Schneidman pp. 99-109 Nuclear Age

Topic: War


Supplementary: Regan ch. 4

Schneidman pp. 92-99 Combat Death, pp. 110-133 Agents of Death

Topic: Suicide



Supplementary: Beauchamp ch. 2; Regan ch. 3; Wilcox ch. 5 Choices and Decisions; Dallery Section Three; Feifel(1959) ch. 17; Charmaz ch. 8; Schneidman pp. 252-274 Psychological Autopsies, pp. 241-261 The Death Certificate

Alvarez, A. The Savage God. N.Y.: Random House, 1970

Kluge,Eike-Henner W. The Practice of Death. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1975.

Tape: SSC-1 Rustin, Stanley Suicide

Topic: Infanticide

Preparation: ONLINE TEXTBOOK  ch 10


Annas, George S. "Denying the Rights of Children"

Smith, David "Letting Some Babies Die"

Supplementary: V-403 Moral and Ethical Dilemmas in the Special Care Nursery

V-404 Attitudes Toward Defective Newborns

Steinbock Part II and pp. 138-148

Ladd ch. 4, 9

Ramsey (1978) ch. 5,6

Topic: Triage

Preparation: ONLINE TEXTBOOK  ch 11 F. Braio "Understanding Triage"

Supplementary: James Childress, Who Shall Live When Not All Can Live?

Soundings, Vol.43, No. 4, Winter 1970,pp. 339-362

Ramsey ch. 8 Choosing How to Choose

Berg, Allan What is Wrong With Triage? N.Y. Times, June 15, 1975, Section VI`pp. 26-35

"Scarce Medical Resources": Columbia Law Review 69:620, 1969.

Kass, L.R. "The New Biology: WhatPriceRelieving Man's Estate?" Science 174:779, 1971.

Dyck, Arthur J. "Triage and Charity...,"National Forum, 1980.

Topic: Approaches to Death's Meaning


Supplementary: Schneidman ch. 1 Concepts of Death

Kubler-Ross ch. 6 Death: The Last Stage of Growth (1975)

Wyschogrod ch. 7 Resurrection of the Body

V-501 Death: Process or Event?

Feifel ch. 8 Attitudes Toward Death in Some Normal and Mentally Ill Populations

Topic: The Commodification of Death


Supplementary: Illych (V-203) The Political Uses of a Natural Death

Schneidman ch. 3 The Demography of Death

Kubler-Ross ch. 2 The Organizational Context of Death and Dying (1975)

Schulz ch. 3 The Demography of Death

Bogen #22, 26

Sodnow, David. Passing On: The Social Organization of Dying. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, Inc. 1967.

Glasser, Barney C. and Strauss, Anselm L.,eds. Time for Dying. Chicago: AldinePub. Co., 1968.

Illych, Ivan Medical Nemesis. N.Y.: Random House, Inc., 1976.

Tape: SSC-11 The Commodification of Death by Dr. Angela Karp

Topic: The Role of Faith


Supplementary: Death Through Some Other Windows

Fiefel (1959) ch. 12 Grief and Religion,ch. 16 Death and Religion

Holk, Frederick H., ed. Death and Eastern Thought. N.Y.: Abingdon Press, 1974.

Reimer, Jack, ed. Jewish Reflections on Death. N.Y.: Schocken Books, 1974.

Tape: SSC-3 The Role of Faith

Topic: Euthanasia/The Right to Die/Death With Dignity

Preparation: ONLINE TEXTBOOK  ch 9



Schneidman ch.8 Death and Dignity (484-515) 502-505 Appropriate and Appropriated Death

V-112 On Drinking Hemlock

V-115 Choosing Not to Prolong Dying

V-116 The Dying Person--His Plight andHis Right

V-407 Prolonging Life

V-408 The Living Will

V-409 Proposed Legislation

V-503 Pope Pius XII Prolongation of life

Charmaz ch. 3; Beauchamp ch. 4; Regan ch. 2; Ramsey (1970) ch. 3; Dallery Section Two; Steinbock Part I and III; Hardt ch. 5; Ramsey (1978) ch. 4, 7, 8, 9; Bugen ch. 24, 25, 30; Ladd ch. 2, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 ;Ostheimer Part IV; Veatch ch. 3, 4 and 5

Kohl, Marvin, ed. Beneficent Euthanasia. Buffalo, N.Y.: Prometheus Books, 1975

Behnke, John and Bok, Sissela, ed. The Dilemmas of Euthanasia. Anchor Books, Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday & Co., 1975

Mannes, Mayra Last Rights. N.Y.: New American Library, 1973

Kluge, Eike-Henner W. The Practice of Death. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1975

Topic: Children and Death Education


Supplementary: Grollman, Earl A. Explaining Death toChildren. Boston: Beacon Press, 1967

Talking About Death. Boston: BeaconPress, 1970.

Irish Donald P. and Green, Betty R., ed.,Death Education: Schenkman Pub. Co.,197l.

Mills, Gretchen C., Reisler Ray, et al. Discussing Death: A Guide to Death Education. Homewood, Ill.: ETC Pub.,1976.

Bugen ch. 16,17,18; Schulz ch. 7; Wilcox ch. 4; Hardt ch. 2

Topic: Abortion

Supplementary: Ramsey (1978) Part One, ch. 1,2,3

Callahan, Daniel. Abortion: Law, Choice and Morality. N.Y.: Macmillan, 1970.

Grisez, Germain G. Abortion: The Myths, the Realities and the Arguments. N.Y. and Cleveland: Corpus Books, 1970.

Ostheimer Part II ;Dallery Section One; Regan ch. 6

Topic: Senecide

Supplementary: Kluge, Eike-Henner W. The Practice of Death. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1975.

Topic: Capital Punishment


Supplementary: Regan ch. 5; Dallery Section Four

Topic: Natural Death


Supplementary: Schulz ch. 2 Thinking About Death

Donnelly ch. 1,2,3,4,12,17;  Beauchamp ch. 5 Significance of Life and Death;

Topic: Aging & Death


Supplementary: Dallery Section Five

Hardt Chapter Four;   Bugen 27

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