Course Outline and Requirements

Listing of Topics
  1. General Introduction
  2. "Death and You" - Psychology Today Questionnaire
  3. The Death of Ivan Illych: A Case Study
  4. The Stages of Death - lecture based on Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' work
  5. Doctors, Health Specialists and the Dying
  6. Preparatory Grief
  7. The Stages of Grief:
  8. Funeral Rites as Rites of Passage
  9. Defining Death, Legally and Otherwise
  10. Transplantations and the Use of Neo-morts
  11. "The Right to Die" - possible film Euthanasia
  12. Suicide
  13. Infanticide
  14. "How Could I Not be Among You" - film and poetry, discussion
  15. Approaches to Death's Meaning
  16. The Resurrection of the Body and Death's Meaning
  17. Edgar Cayce: A Case Study (G.L.) - Dr. Peter Alimaras
  18. Psyche, Soma and Death
  19. "The Commodification of Death"
  20. Mass Death and Total Annihilation
  21. TRIAGE - a group experiment
  22. Infants, children and death
  23. Death's meaning: The Final Stage of Growth
  24. The Death of Socrates: A Case Study
  25. Sports and Death
  26. Out-of-body experiences
  27. The Funeral Industry
    1. Anne Sexton: A Case Study
    2. Sylvia Plath: A Case Study
    3. Edna St. Vincent Millay: A Case Study
  29. Pictorial Art and Death
  30. The Role of Religious Faith in Death and Dying
  31. Music and Death
  32. Death in the Cinema
  33. Senecide
  34. Genocide
  35. Abortion
  36. Capital Punishment
  37. Psychic Phenomena and the Post-Mortem Survival Hypothesis
  38. Animals - (Experimentation & Vegetarianism)
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