Special Notes Spring 2003

Students enrolled in Professor Pecorino's classes are expected to turn in all of their required work, quizzes etc., by these deadlines:

  • SS   610 - PHILOSOPHY (day)- May 16, 2003 by 5pm in M-403.  
  • SS   610 PHILOSOPHY (eve)- May 21, 2003 by 9pm in M-403.
  • SS  620 - PHILOSOPHY -  May 16, 2003 by 5pm in M-403.  
  • SSE 680 - DEATH & DYING -May 16, 2003 by 5pm in M-403.  

All materials are to be presented directly to the instructor or left in his mailbox in the Social Science Department Offices in the Medical Arts Building room M-104.

Department Telephone: 718-631-6251
Email: PPecorino@qcc.cuny.edu
Office Telephone: 718-281-5038 

Office FAX: 718-281-5038

Any students who wish to have their final grades mailed to them should supply the instructor with a stamped, self-addressed post card or email address.  This will be the fastest way to learn of your grade.

Due to a lawsuit and court order final grades will NOT be posted.  Do not call the departmental office for your grade.  The secretaries will not give them out.

There will be no automatic granting of INC or ABS grades.  Failure to turn in required assignments and quizzes will result in a grade of "F".  If you need an incomplete grade submit a LETTER stating your reasons and the length of time needed.  Letters requesting "incomplete" or "absences" grades must include all pertinent course information and your name, social security and telephone numbers.  Be sure to sign the letter.


  May 1,2003.

Students who do not turn in the required materials by the assigned deadlines and who do not turn in a WRITTEN explanation will receive either an "F" or a "WU" grade depending on their attendance record.


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