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FALL  2012       PHI 101   Introduction to Philosophy     FALL  2012         Wednesday Evening  6:20- 9:15 pm  

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1 Sept 5 MOD 1 Introduction Course Outline Assumptions, Myths and Reasons-- From Religion & Myth to Philosophy and Dialectical Thinking Lesson ch1 all Discussion

Assignment 1  

 Date Due Sept 12

2 Sept 12 MOD  2 Greeks: Historical Background, Need for Cosmos, the Sophists, Pre-Socratics to Socrates  Lesson

ch2 s1-5

3 Sept 19 Socrates: the Philosopher                    Plato: The Philosopher        Lesson ch2 s 6-12 Discussion
4 Oct 3 Plato: The Philosopher                          Plato: the Process Lesson ch 2 s13-17 Discussion Assignment 2

Date Due Oct 10

5 Oct 10 MOD 3 Philosophy of Religion: the Arguments from Reason and Experience Lesson ch3s 1-6 Discussion
6 Oct 17 MOD 3 Philosophy of Religion: the Arguments from Reason and Experience Lesson

ch3s 7-15

Discussion Assignment 3      

Date Due Oct 31

7 Oct 24 The Problem of MIRACLES                     The Problem of EVIL                    Philosophy of Religion: Meaning and Value Lesson

ch 4 s1-8

Discussion Assignment 3      

Date Due Oct 31

8 Oct 31 MOD  4A Metaphysics: What is Real? Materialism Metaphysics: Idealism , Phenomenology, Existentialism,  Pragmatism Lesson ch5 s1-9 Discussion Assignment 4A      

Date Due Nov 7

9 Nov 7 MOD 4B Epistemology: What is Knowledge? Epistemology: Truth- four theories   Lesson ch6 s1-6 Discussion Assignment 4B       

 Date Due Nov 14

10 Nov 14 MOD 5A Metaphysics : Mind-Body Problem  Lesson ch7 s 1-7 Discussion Assignment 5A     

Date Due Nov 28

11*** Nov 28 MOD 5B Metaphysics Freedom and Determinism Lesson

ch8 s1-7

  Assignment 5B

Date Due Nov 28

12 Dec 5 MOD 6Ethics: What is the Good?         Morality: Sources and Development Ethics: RELATIVISM                       


ch 8s 8-14

Discussion Assignment 6       

Date Due Dec 19

13 Dec 12 MOD 6Ethics: What is the Good?  Ethics:Teleological / Deontological    thics:MoralDevelopment/Responsibility  Discussion Assignment 6        Date Due Dec 19

Assignment 7   not due

14 Dec 19 MOD7Social/Political Philosophy

MOD8 What Is Philosophy?: conclusion

Lesson ch12 s1-2 Discussion Assignment 8    

Date Due Dec 19

14 Dec 19  FINAL EXAM /  BONUS ESSAY Assignment BONUS 

Date Due Dec 19

READING and Lesson are in the online text listed by chapter (ch) and section (s) provided to you FREE.   INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY_TEXT    You are to read and do research by means of a computer in the Library, or any facility with computers with internet access.
Discussions are in the assigned classroom on the dates indicated on topics in the chapter and listed by link.
Written Assignments may be submitted by email, FAX, or on paper.
REQUIRED TEXTS:   NONE !  the  text is on a website and the url is:  INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY_TEXT   

There is a great deal of material presented in the  INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY_TEXT   All of the assignments can be completed by reading the materials on the internet.  However, if a learner prefers to have a printed paper text in addition to or instead of the online material,  the two texts below are very good.  The Philosophy text by Pojman would be good for everyone in the course to have.

Suggested Textbooks: For those who want more than the free online e-textbook! For those who want printed paper texts! You will be reading Dialogues by Plato: ION, APOLOGY, CRITO, PHAEDO, REPUBLIC, SYMPOSIUM   They are in the online textbook and in the paperback.

Great Dialogues of Plato
by Plato, W. H. D. Rouse (Translator)

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Philosophical Traditions:   A Text with Readings
by Louis P. Pojman

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