Philosophy of Religion

Chapter  5 Arguments for the Existence of God: Experience

Section 2 The Questions

  1. Some of the important questions are:

  2. Is the subject of a religious experience justified inferring from the psychological experience to the existential or the ontological reality of the object of that experience: the supernatural being?  

  3. Can persons trust in their own experiences?

  4. Are the sacred scriptures actually derived from supernatural sources?

  5. Are the reports in sacred scriptures truthful and accurate?

  6. Are the reports concerning these religious experiences veridical (truthful and accurate)?

  7. What is the scientific analysis of the religious experiences ?

  8. What are the genetic and causal conditions of religious experiences ?-in the human race ?-in individuals?

  9. Is it a report which others can accept as being Correct? Truthful? Accurate?

  10. Is anyone else justified in reaching the conclusion that a supernatural being exists based upon the report of the individual who has made the claim to have had the religious experience?

  11. Does the accumulation of reports from such witnesses to religious experiences justify the claim that a supernatural or spiritual being, a deity, a transcendent reality , exists?  

  12. What exactly are Miracles ?

  13. Do they prove the existence of a supernatural realm? A deity? God? The supreme Being?

  14. What does it take to prove that a miracle has taken place?

  15. Could it ever be proven that a miracle had taken place?


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