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The Beaver brought paper, portfolio, pens,

And ink in unfailing supplies:
While strange creepy creatures came out of their dens,
And watched them with wondering eyes.

-- From Fit the Fifth, "The Beaver's Lesson",
The Hunting of the Snarkby Lewis Carroll

Getting Around the Internet

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Some of my favorite sites

A contemporary poem every day from Poetry Daily

Shakespeare's complete works are online from MIT. For other links see Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet, a prize-winning site.

Another good site is Poets' Corner which offers the full text of thousands of poems by hundreds of authors in English. Most twentieth century authors are not included for reasons of copyright.

This beautiful siteLuminarium Medieval Literature

 has full text of works by Chaucer and other authors. They are in Middle English.

A particular poem can be found on the Internet by searching in a search engine under the title and the word "text". For instance, a search in AltaVista under Rime of the ancientmariner[text] gave many hits.  Choosing one, I was led to a site in Germany that listed many links, one of which led to the University of Virginia, which gave me a facsimile of the 1858 edition of the poem complete with illustrations ... and here is one of them.











Vanitas. Still Life With Musical Instruments. Cornelis de Heem. After 1661.


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