Benedict's Test Results


The following were tested with Benedict's Solution:

TT#1   Distilled Water

TT#2   Glucose

TT#3   Maltose

TT#4   Sucrose

TT#5   Starch

TT#6   Potato extract

TT#7   corn flakes

TT#8   bread

TT#9   milk

TT#10 unknown solution (may vary)


1. Which sugars (Glucose, Maltose, Sucrose) tested positive with Benedict's solution?


2. Does milk have sugar?  What is the name of milk sugar?

Did it give a positive Benedict's reaction?


3. Maltose, Sucrose and Lactose are structural isomers but are not all reducing sugars. Did they react equally well with Benedict's Solution?   Based on your results, could a food have more sugar in it than what is detected using the Benedict's reaction?


4. Explain the difference in the reaction between tt#5, starch and tt#6, potato extract.