Report Requirements


The book report must have the following three elements:

1. A summary of the highlights of the subject matter which the book covers.

2. A discussion concerning particular issues or themes covered by the book which you found most interesting or most significant. Perhaps, a certain portion of the book expressed ideas or described events which were especially provocative, or provided you with a new understanding, or raised questions which aroused your curiosity. Discuss these matters and your reaction to them. This is an opportunity to thoughtfully consider a historical subject, and to deal with the facts in a logical way which shows that you have read and understood the book. This discussion must be concerned with a subject raised by the author. It should not become a launching point for expressing un-related or un-substantiated opinions. Nor should the discussion be concerned with the style of writing of the author. Rather, it should be concerned with historical or factual content. I am looking for originality and a thoughtful response.

3.A concluding paragraph should draw together all the loose ends concerning the most important facts and understanding, which you have gotten from doing the report. Tell me also whether or not you enjoyed reading the book? Why or why not? Was it easy or difficult to understand? Did you learn a lot from reading it?

The book report must be at least six (6) typewritten, double-spaced pages, completely filled, on standard sized typewriter paper, using font sizes 10-12, not larger, and suitably attached to avoid separation of the pages. Be sure to number each page and put them in the proper order. It must include a cover page with your name, the course number and the section number, the author's name and the title of the book. Be sure to make a copy for yourself. The approximate maximum length should be 10-15 pages. The six (6) page minimum is an absolute requirement.

Whenever using the words of the author or anyone else, always give credit by enclosing the quotation in quotation marks, and referring to a footnote or endnote or other acceptable reference, indicating the page number from which you have taken the quote. Failure to give credit is academic dishonesty and may result in a failing grade.

Do not paraphrase. Express your understanding of the book in your own words, using quotes only to support and substantiate important and controversial points which you have made.

Start early to avoid a last minute rush. Think about the meaning and significance of what you are reading. Follow the logical sequence and cause-and-effect relationship of events. Take notes as you read, and write the report in your own words.

Report Requirements