Create a New Document in Dreamweaver

1. The document opens as "Untitled". In "Code" mode, change "Untitled" to the name you are giving the document.

2. Save the document.

3. Type text in "Design" mode, or copy and paste text from document outside Dreamweaver (My Document Folder).

4. Create link to Index file by typing name of file,
a. highlight the file
b. Open properties menu
c. type the URL name of the file.htm(l) in the Link box.
d. click in the document and the link will be created. (underlined in blue)

or, Using "Code" mode, locate the title of the document (Index, in this example)
a. place cursor before the title and type <a href="file name.htm(l)">. After the title "/a>" will appear
b. Click in "Design" mode and Document title will be underlined in blue.

5. Save the document

6. Go to the document, which you have linked to, and select a location on the document to type the title of the original document, then follow Step 4 above. This creates a link to the original document.

7. Save this document

8. Go to the Site files and put both documents to the Remote side.

9. Go to the documents on the internet, refresh the page on each, and verify that the links work.