Report Requirements

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Requirements for the Report

Attach a cover sheet with the name of the NGO, HIS 107, and your name.

1. Describe the mission or goal of the organization.

2. Explain the history of the organization; its activities, its accomplishments, and the obstacles to the achievement of its goals.

3. Conclude with a paragraph indicating your views of the effectiveness of the organization

4. Include a bibliography of the sources you have used for the report.

Select one of the following NGOs for your report:

AFSC: American Friends Service Committee
Amnesty International
Common Cause
Doctors Without Borders
Earth Policy Institute
Habitat for Humanity
Hope House Ministries, Port Jefferson, NY
International Planned Parenthood Association
Mercy Corps
UNHCR: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNICEF: United Nations Children's Fund:
United Nations Population Fund
NRDC: Natural Resources Defense Council
Project Vote Smart
Public Citizen
Sierra Club
SOAW: School of the Americas Watch
Southern Poverty Law Center
Student Conservation Association:
World Federalist Association


The minimum requirement for the report is 3 type-written, double-spaced pages, (not including the cover page or bibliography) with font size no more than 12.

The report must be an original expression of your understanding of what you have read. Occasional quotations are permitted, but all wording that is not your own must be identified within quotation marks, with a reference to the source. Paraphrasing is to be avoided.