Report Requirements



The topic should be phrased in the form of a question of historical importance related to the course material. The topic should not be so broad that the answers might be found in a textbook or encyclopaedia, nor should it be so narrow that it loses its significance. Make a written proposal for the topic to present to the instructor for possible amendment and approval. To find a suitable topic, do some preliminary reading and searching for sources and peruse the textbook for possible ideas.


The research paper should consist of at least eight and not more than twelve double-spaced typewritten pages. At least six pages of narrative should be included in the eight page minimum, with the remainder being set aside for bibliography. The eight page minimum is an absolute requirement, but do not be concerned if, to make your point, you have to exceed the twelve page maximum by a few pages. A cover page should name the title of your report and give your name and section number.


Answer the topic question in detail, in logical order, in your own words, using the knowledge you have acquired or have available to you in the readings and source material that you have researched. You may use any of the books listed on the course outline which pertain to your topic. You may also seek other sources: books, magazine articles, newspapers, or the internet, if applicable. If you reference the internet, you must indicate the complete http address, enclosing it in "< >".

Limit your report to the topic as indicated by your question, concentrate on answering the question specifically and thoroughly, and avoid going beyond the question. Discard anything not relevant to the question. Occasional quotations with footnote referrals to your sources should be used to substantiate what you are writing. It is required that any words, but your own, must be in quotes with a reference to the page and source from which you took the quote. Failure to give credit to the source of the quotation is academic dishonesty and may result in a failing grade.

Do not paraphrase. It is important that the report be in your own words; an original expression of your own understanding.

Include a critical bibliography or annotated bibliography at the end of the report. This, in addition to the usual data about the author, title, publisher and date and place of publishing, consists of a one paragraph statement about each source which you have used for the report. Explain how each source was helpful to you. Be specific.

The bibliography should include all sources you have consulted, even though you may not have found all of them useful. It should not include textbooks or encyclopaedias. Nor should it include encyclopaedias on computers. Encyclopaedias and textbooks are useful to familiarize yourself with the context for your topic, but they are also third-hand sources which have been condensed from primary or secondary sources.

There should be at least three substantial sources which you have used extensively in finding the answers to your question. There should be at least three sources which are not from the internet.

Be sure to keep a copy of your report.

Report Requirements