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Professor West

Computer Requirements

All of my courses require the use of a computer and the internet.

You need to have a computer at home or at work or elsewhere, to which you have ready access for frequent use.

If you have no other access, computers are available in the Computer Lab in the College library. The library is open at all times when classes are scheduled including 4 evenings per week and on Saturdays. The Computer Lab is open at most of the library open hours. For exact times, consult the Computer Lab schedule.

At your first opportunity, use your internet browser to go to my Home page:

There you will find links to the Course Outline, Reading Assignments, a Bibliography, and Report Requirements. Since these are available to you on the Web, I will not be giving them to you as handouts in class. It is your responsibility to read all of these materials and to familiarize yourself with the requirements for the course.

My courses utilize Course Management Software known as Blackboard to fulfill certain Course Requirements, and to serve as an additional means of communication between you and me and your classmates. To gain access to Blackboard, go to the "My SCCC" link on my Home page. You will also find the "MySCCC" link at the College Home Page at the top right hand corner. Use your college password to obtain access to MYSCC. In MYSCC, click on "Suffolk Online", then the Blackboard symbol, then "log-In".
In order to open the course for the first time, you may need to type the section number in the Search box. That will create a link to the course, which you can use throughout the semester.

You need to open access to Blackboard during the first week of the course, and let me know if you have any difficulties doing so. Essential communication, and course requirements, including online tests, are done through Blackboard. The preferred browser for Blackboard is Mozilla Firefox.