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Full Planet, Empty Plates by Lester Brown

Include a cover sheet with the Course identification, HIS-107, the author and title of the book, and your name.

The report must have a minimum of 6 typewritten double-spaced pages. Originality of expression is important. Do not paraphrase the author. Express your understanding of what you have read in your own words. Copying without proper quotations and references is plagiarism and will result in failure of the course. Occasional quotations, properly referenced, are permissible and may enhance the report.

Summarize the highlights of the book. In your summary, be sure that you answer the following questions: (Devote at least one separate paragraph to each question and label each one.)

1. What has happened to human population since about 1650? How has that growth affected global water supplies, and the availability of food from farming, from fishing, and from livestock? What are the differences in population growth in Europe and North America, in east Asia, and in Central Asia and Africa? What is the demographic transition?

2. What is the difference in food efficiency between human consumption of plant products and human consumption of animal products?

3. How is the supply of food related to the supply of fuel for energy?

4. What has been the effect of wind and water erosion on food supplies?

5. What is the relationship between water and food?

6. What is happening to grain yields in different regions of the world?

7. What is the realtionship between rising temperatures and rising food prices?

8. How have food scarcities affected the control and use of farmland?

9. What do poverty, education, reproductive health care and family planning have to do with preventing a food breakdown?

Conclude your report with a brief statement of your overall reaction to the message of this book.