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 Hellenic and Hellenistic Greece


The answers to the following questions may be obtained by accessing the websites listed below. Other sites may be utilized.

Pivotal Questions Websites

Theme (1) Hellenic Greece: Land and Early History

What was the effect of geography upon Greece, and upon its historical development? Geography of Greece
Where was the Minoan Civilization located? Whendid it exist? What was the basis for its economy? What was the political system? What led to the collapse of Minoan Civilization? The Minoan Civilization
What do we know about the Mycenaeans? Upon what is this knowledge based? What was the type of political system? 

The Mycenaean Civilization:


What were the characteristics of the Dark Ages(1100-800 B.C.)?

Dark Ages:        



Theme (2): The Heroic Past and the Lyric Age

What role did the Greek gods have in the Iliad as described by Homer? What does the Iliad suggest about the cultureof the Myceneans?What similarities exist between the gods of the Greeks and those of Mesopotamian civilization?   Homer: Click on"Homer and the Myth of the Trojan War "
What was the Greek polis? What forms of government existed in the polis? Who was able to participate in the government of the polis? What were the weaknesses of the Polis?

Foundations of the Polis  Images

Foundations of the Polis (2)

When did Greek civilization reach its peak? What were the reasons for Greek expansion? What were the cultural and economic effects of Greek expansion? Greek colonization

How do the poems of Sappho and Archilochus demonstrate Greek individualism? What do their writings illustrate?

What is the significance of Aphrodite?

Lyric Poets: Sappho    

Love Goddess: Aphrodite

Theme (3) City-states: Sparta and Athens

How did the Spartans respond to problems of over-population?
What were effects of prolonged warfare upon the Spartan people?
What were the roles of men and women in Spartan society?
How did Athenian democracy evolve? What was the role of the reformers in bringing about Athenian democracy: Solon, Pisistratus, Cleisthenes? Athens
In what ways was Athenian democracy not democratic? 
What were its main faults?
See "Athens" above


Theme (4)  Classical Greece: from the Persian Wars to the Peloponnesian Wars

What were the causes and effects of the Persian Wars upon Greece (499-479)B.C.? The Persian Wars
What was the Delian League and why was it formed? and what became of it? What were the causes and effects of the Peloponnesian Wars? The Peloponnesian Wars
What were the effects of the plague on Athens during the Peloponnesian Wars? the plague in Athens


Theme (5) The Golden Age of Athens: Arts ,Drama, and Daily Life

What is noteworthy about the Greek Classical period (500-338)B.C.?
What made Athens great?
Classical period: Golden age of Athens:
What are the concerns of Greek drama? Why are Greek dramatic works famous today? Athenian Drama
What was the role of women  in Ancient Greece.? What was the attitude of Greeks to homosexuality? Homosexuality and women


Theme (6)  Hellenic Religion and Philosophy:

What was the attitude of the Greeks to religion See Oympians in theme (2) above
Who were the principal characters in the development of Greek philosophy? Greek Philosophy:
What is Aesop famous for, even to this day? What is the Hippocratic Oath? Aesop: Hippocratic Oath
Who were the Sophists and why are they remembered? Sophists:
What was the Socratic method? Socrates:
What distinctive ideas was Plato most noted for? Plato:
What were the characteristics of Aristotle's philosophy, and why was he so influential? Aristotle :
Who were the two principal Greek historians, and what contributions did each make?




Theme (7): Hellenistic Greece: Alexander and hisPolitical legacy

What developments made the Hellenistic era possible? King Philip
What was the geographic extent of Alexander's conquests? What was the most enduring legacy of his conquests?  Alexander: Site(1) 
What happened to Alexander's empire immediately following his death? What new political ideas were introduced? How did Greek emigration contribute to a stable political situation? See Site (1) above
Political legacy: See "After Alexander" and "Conclusion"
What was the relationship of cities to the monarchiesof  the Hellenistic World? Economically and culturally, how did the role of cities change? Why did war continue to re-occur? Cities and Monarchies: See "After Alexander" above


Theme (8): Hellenistic Greece: Cultural diffusion

What was the role of Greeks and Macedonians in the Hellenistic world? What was the role of women? What caused the collapse of Greek pre-eminence? Diffusion of Greek culture
How did the Jewish people and the Greeks relate to each other in the Hellenistic world? Hellenism and the Jews
What role did cities have in the economy of the Hellenistic world? What was the extent of industry? What was the role of slavery? See "Diffusion" above


Theme (9): Hellenistic Greece: Philosophy and Science

How did Greek and eastern religious practices inter-relate? What particular cults became popular? Hellenistic Religion: Note especially the cult of Isis
What were the main ideas of the Epicureans and Stoics? Epicureanism :Stoicism
 What were Aristarchus, Ptolemy, Archimedes, and Eratosthenes  noted for? What did Hellenistic science emphasize? What were the weaknesses? Hellenistic Science:

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