Historical Analysis

Table of Contents

A. Preface and acknowledgements

1. Modernization:

a. Hunting and Gathering
b. Agricultural
c. Industrial

2. Human Groups in History

3. Empires: Bibliography

a. Ancient
b. Early Modern European
c. Modern:
(1) European
(2) American

4. Ordinary Life in Europe:

a. Traditional or pre-industrial
b. Modern
c. Health and Medicine

5. Liberal Revolutions: Phases of Revolution

a. English
c. French

d. Revolutions of 1848
e. Russian
f. German
Comparisons and Conclusions

6. Ideologies:

a. Conservatism
b. Liberalism
c. Socialism
(1) Marxism
(2) Communism
d. Fascism
e. Totalitarian

7. Nations

a. Individualistic and Collectivistic
b. Civic and Ethnic

8. Nature of War:

a. World War
b. Nuclear War
c. Civil War

9. Economic Transitions:

a. Scarcity
b. Surplus

10. Environment:

a. Population
b. Energy
c. Climate Change

11. Globalization:

a. Economics
b. Politics