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Nations Nature of War Economic Transitions Federal Reserve
Empire Decoding Nazi Secrets Einstein's Theory PBS on Government Debt
  Cost of war Capitalism Economic Crisis
Ideology School of the Americas Proposed 2016 Federal Budget Budget & Economic Outlook

Cold War:
Atomic Spies

Vietnam War

Cold War

El Salvador


Military budget comparisons: 2012

Military-Industrial-Congressional- Complex


World Military spending

The Last Leninist Cambodian genocide Military budget: 2009 True Majority

Miscellaneous developments:
    Drug Wars Terrorism The Dilemma of Iraq
  Economic Inequality Krugman on Piketty's "Capital" Update: War on Drugs   Health care  

Population, Food Production, Disease, and Immigration:

Population Graphs

IPPF    UNFPA   Oral Rehydration Therapy

Demographic Transition

Population Pyramid

        Center for Disease Control
Population Momentum Food Production and Population Smallpox
Population and Environment Biogenetics UNHCR


Resources and the Environment:

Waste Management
Oil Resources Global Warming : History Rachel Carson: "Silent Spring"
Wind Solar Fuel Cells Global Warming: fast forward   CO2 and Climate Change
Carbon Content of Fuels Human Environmental Impact
Earth Institute

Nuclear Power
Solar incentive Depletion of the Ozone Layer  A Fierce Green Fire
Car of the Future Acid Rain
Nature Conservancy
Alternative fuel cars Climate change: Dr. Michael Mann Climate change: 1982
Wind Power   Nova: glaciers
Plastics in Ocean Climate of Denialenvironmental crisis

United Nations and International Issues: Tennyson

United Nations Rwanda Genocide UN Peacekeeping  
UN Site 2 Darfur Genocide Global Governance  

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