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HIS-102                             Review for 1st Test                          Prof. West

1.  What does the process of modernization involve? Which region of Europe first experienced the more advanced stages of modernization?

2. What are the necessary forerunners of the Industrial revolution?

3. How did King Louis XIV subordinate the French aristocracy to the power of the monarch?

4.  What  famous  scientist  represents  the crowning  achievement of the Scientific revolution?

5.  What is Peter the Great, the Russian czar, particularly noted for?

6.  What were the results of the English Revolution in the 17th century?

7.  What type of government was that of Oliver Cromwell?

8.  What type of government was that of the Netherlands after they achieved independence in the 17th century?

9.  What was the name for the landowning aristocracy of Prussia? ----- of Russia?

10.  What were the major accomplishments of Cardinal Richelieu?

11.  What are the characteristics of the abso1utist form of government?

12.  What is the  relationship  of  the process  of modernization to  the establishment of French Absolutism? ---- English Constitutionalism? How were they similar? How were they different?

13.  Who were the first rulers of a unified Russian state? Who invaded Russia and profoundly influenced the nature of the Russian monarchy in the 14th century?

14.  What did the 17th and 18th century monarchies of eastern Europe do, with respect to the aristocracy and the peasantry, to increase the power of the monarch?

15.  By the 17th century, who owned or controlled the Russlan economy?

16.  What was the dominant artistic style of 17th and early l8th century Europe?

17. What intellectual approach or attitude characterized the Enlightenment?

18. According to European medieval leaders, what was at the center of the universe, the earth or the sun?

19. Why was Frederick II of Prussia considered to be an enlightened despot?

20.  What  was  involved  in  the  intellectual  movement  known  as  the Enlightenment?  Who  was  involved?  How were  ideas  of  the Enlightenment disseminated?

2l. What Eastern European kingdom fell to the aggressiveness of its neighbors at the end of the 18th century?

22. In what way did French intellectuals meet to discuss the ideas of the Enlightenment?

23. What was one major result of the foreign policy of Russia during the reign of Catherine the Great?

24. What were the 5 powerful national monarchies, which ruled in Early Modern Europe.

25. Why was Parliament victorious in its struggle for power with the English monarchy throughout the 17th century?

26. What was the theory of enlightened absolutism, and what powerful European monarchs attempted to live up to its ideals?

27. What were some of the central features and characteristics of the Scientific Revolution?

28. What were some of the central features and characteristics of the 18th century European Enlightenment?

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