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HIS-107                                              Review for 1st Test                                      Prof. West

1.  What were two very important developments in Europe and North America in the last half of the nineteenth century? Refer to "Nation" handout.

2.  What caused European imperialism in the last half of the l9th century?

3.  What were the effects of nationalism and the rise of the nation-state?

4.  What was a very important cause for World War I?

5.  What was a very important result of World War I?

6.  What was the primary cause for the Great Depression?

7.  What was an important difference in the U.S. economy between the time of the Great Depression and today?

8.  How has the United States upheld the principle of equality of opportunity at home and abroad since World War II?

9.  How can the U.S. intervention in Vietnam, in El Salvador, in Guatemala, and in Nicaragua be characterized?

10. What effect does the large Federal deficit have upon the U.S. economy, upon state and local governments, upon private investment, and upon fiscal policy?

11. What is the connection, if any, between industrialization and the rise of the nation-state?

I2. What is the connection between nations and the state? and citizens? and levels of education?

13. Compare a nation and an empire. What is the the relationship between industrialization and the nation? and the empire?

14. What are the effects of the arousal of national feeling upon affairs within the nation? affairs between nations? upon an empire?

15. What has 20th century history shown to be the greatest failure of the nation-state?

16. How has the nation-state organization changed the nature of warfare?

17. How has the nature of warfare changed in the 20th century?

18. What were the primary results of World War I?

19. What was a most important development in Europe between the two world wars?

20. What is the nature of ideologies?

21. What are important characteristics of fascism? of Marxism? of totalitarianism? of liberalism?

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