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HIS-107                                      Review for Second Test                                  Prof. West

1.  Why did the Cold War between the U.S. and USSR develop?

2.  What assumption is made by NSC-68?

3.  What are the prlmary causes of revolution in the less developed World?

4.  What are the strategic consequences of the use of nuclear weapons
given their great destructlve power?

5.  What has U.S. policy been towards less developed nations since WWII?

6.  What was the effect of the Korean War upon U.S. policy?

7.  What has been the most likely effect of giving military aid to less developed nations?

8.  Why has the U.S. economy become dependent upon military contracts?

9.  What has  happened to the amount and rate of military expenditures since WWII in the
industrial world?    In the less developed World?

10. What happened to the national debt during the Reagan administration?

11. What are some of the primary consequences of the Cold War?

12. What are some of the primary consequences of the Federal deficit?

13. What are some examples of U.S. imperialism since World War II?

14. What was the combined effect of an income tax cut and increased military expenditures during
the Reagan administration?

15. Why has the Sovlet Union collapsed?

16. To what extent has warfare affected twentieth century history?

17. How has the United States lived up to its founding principles at home and abroad?

18. Was the persecution of Communists ln the United States after WWII a reasonable course of

19. Did the Cold War have an effect on an international arms race? If so, how?

20. Does the Cold War have anything to do with the present situation in Bosnia? In Somalia?
In Indonesia?

21. What were some of the important consequences of the Vietnam War? the Korean War?

22. Why did the United States become involved in the Vietnam War? the Korean War?

23. Dld the Cold War have any effect upon the international competition to
produce high quality consumer goods?

24. What was the effect of conceiving the adversary in the Cold War to be
Communism rather than the Soviet Union?

25. What were the consequences of the Cold War upon the United States economy?
the effectiveness of the United Nations? the spread of democracy in the world?

26. In fighting the war on drugs, what has been the main priority in action taken by the United States government?

27. How effective have non-violent campaigns been in challenging oppressive dictatorial rule, or colonial rule?

28. How effective has the international commnity been in the prosecution of crimes against humanity by heads of state?

29. What was the result of U.S. military aid to the governments of El Salvador and Guatemala during the Cold War?

30. What was the policy of the United States government towards Nicaragua during the 1980,s?

31. What were the goals of the United States and the Soviet Union in the nuclear missile race?

32. How successful has the United States been in the development of anti-missile missiles?

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