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HIS-107                                     Review for 3rd Test                                    Prof. West

1.  What is a major cause for child mortality in less developed reglons?

2.  What circumstances affect infant mortality in less developed regions?

3.  What is an important solution for child mortality in LDC' s?

4.  Where is food production not keeping pace with population growth?

5.  What is world population today?

6.  What does an age distribution pyramid show us?

7.  What are the relative proportions of young and aged populations in LDC,s and in MDC's?

8.  Which continent has the largest population?

9.  Which continent has the highest rate of population growth?

10. Which continent has the lowest rate of population growth?

11. Where have most refugees come from, and where do they go?

12. What is the difference in the demographic transition between LDC's and MDC's?

13. How  has food  production kept pace with population qrowth in different areas of the world?

14. What is the distribution of population between cities and rural areas in LDC.s?    in MDC,s?
Where are the largest cities located?

15 . In LDC,s, how have schools and teachers kept pace with population growth?

16. What is the effect of population momentum?

17.  What is the green revolution, and what have been its effects? See web site reading entitled: "Food Production and Population Growth".

18. What area of the world has the greatest per capita grain productlon?

19. What is the status of women's fertility in sub-Saharan Africa?

20. What are the causes for refugee migration?

21. What do LDC,s have to do to reduce their population growth rates?

22. What principles have been agreed upon at the1994 UN Population Conference?

23. Is world population growth still a problem? If so, in what ways?--in less developed areas?---in more developed areas?

24.  What are the most important influences which are lowering human ferti!ity rates?

25. Under what circumstances are abortion rates likely to be highest?---- lowest?

26. What are the major long-term causes for reduced agricultural production? See web site reading entitled: "Food Production and Population Growth".

27. What is the present status of the medical control over epidemic diseases?

28.  What circumstances are needed to increase agricultural production. Seeweb site reading entitled: "Food Production and Population Growth".

29.  What does Integrated Pest Management involve? See web site reading entitled: "Food Production and Population Growth".

30.  What is drip irrigation? See web site reading entitled: "Food Production and Population Growth".

31.  Which areas of the world have the greatest and most efficient food production?

32. What circumstance does the 1951 Refugee Convention provide as justification for granting asylum?

33. When was the UNHCR founded?

34. What is the most difficult type of group conflict to solve in today's world?

35. What is the relationship between the educational levels of women and fertility rates?---mortality rates?---life expectancy?

36. What has been the effect of the industrial revolution upon the comparative numbers of women and men in the population?--upon the natural increase of population?

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