Test Review Index

Test Review: First Test
Professor West

1. What did the Portuguese contribute to the cause of overseas exploration and settlement?

2. What was the extent of European exploration and settlement half a century after the Columbus discovery?

3. What did the economic system of the Spanish-American colonies depend upon?

4. How did the vast majority of Europeans make a living in the 16th century?

5. What were the most important doctrines preached by John Calvin?

6. What was the most important objective of mercantilism?

7. How would you describe the experiences of settlers in Jamestown in the first two decades?

8. What is the best description of a "headright"?

9. How would you describe the profile of immigrants to Virginia in the 1620's?

10. Why did Maryland grant religious toleration to all Christians in 1649?

11. What was the purpose of the Navigation Acts passed by Parliament during the reign of King Charles II?

12. What caused Bacon's Rebellion?

13. In what regions of the new world did the development of plantantion economies stimulate the spread of slavery?

14. Which area of the English colonies was most influenced by the British West Indies settlements?

15. In what way were Europe and America most affected by contact with each other?

16. In what ways were the colonies of South Carolina and the Chesapeake (Virginia and Maryland) different from each other?

17. Which colony was founded as a military buffer and a philanthropic exercise?

18. What was the principal institution through which Spaniards incorporated Indians into their colonies?

19.What were the goals of the French in Canada, and what was their attitude towards Protestants?

20. What was the Mayflower compact?

21. What was significance of the Puritan's "city on a hill"?

22. How did the Puritans in Boston differ from the Pilgrims in Plymouth?

23. How did migrants to New England differ from those who went to the Chesapeake?

24. What was the status of women in New England in the 17th century? What behavior might have made them susceptible to a charge of witchcraft?

25.What was the political relationship between the government of Holland and their colony of New Netherlands?

26. How did the Iroquois increase their power in the 17th century?

27. What were the reasons for Pennsylvania's prosperity in the 18th century?

28. What was the purpose of the intercolonial Albany Congress in 1754?

29. What were the three largest non-English immigrant groups which settled in the English colonies in the 18th century?

30. Which of those three immigrant groups was most likely to settle out on the frontier?

31. What was the primary reason why families migrated to the backcountry?

32. How did the intellectual movement of the Enlightenment affect the English colonies? What groups or classes were most likely to be influenced?

33. What were the main characteristics of the Great Awakening?

34. What were the principal products produced and exported by each of the colonial regions: the South, the Middle colonies, and New England?