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Test Review: Test 2
Prof. West

1. What geographical areas did the English acquire from the French as a result of the Treaty of Paris (1763)?

2. Whose defeat near the forks of the Ohio River started the Seven Years War?

3. What was the attitude of Americans at the end of the Seven Year's War? What was the attitude of many Englishmen towards Americans at that time?

4. Who organized an uprising of Western tribes after the French defeat in the Seven Years War?

5. What were the "new measures" passed by Parliament during Prime Minister Grenville's administration?

6. By resisting the Stamp Act, what ideas were Americans affirming?

7. Who were the Sons of Liberty and from what groups or classes were they drawn?

8. What did Parliament assert in the Declaratory Act?

9. What was the purpose of the Tea Act?

10. What British initiative, following the repeal of the Townshend Act, revived resistance to the British?

11. According to the First Continental Congress of 1774, what powers did Parliament have over the colonies?

12. What circumstances during the first year of the Revolution convinced the colonial leadership that they should declare independence from England?

13. What did the Second Continental Congress do in the 1775 and 1776, before independence was declared, that showed that the Congress was acting as the leaders of an independent nation?

14. How did the Continental Congress justify the Declaration of Independence to the world?

15. Of the two parts of the Declaration of Independence, what did the first part deal with, and what did the second include?

16. After evacuating Boston, where did the British launch an offensive?

17. Where did military campaigns occur in the two years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Where did they occur in the later war years?

18. Following the British seizure of New York City, where did Washington's Continental Army win a key victory, which helped to bolster morale?

19. What were key mistakes made by the British leadership in their war effort?

20. What was the strategic diplomatic effect of the Battle of Saratoga?

21. Who did the Native Americans support during the war for independence?

22. What did the British hope for when they shifted their offensive to the South after 1778?

23. How was the Revolutionary War fought in the southern backcountry?

24. From whom did George Washington have support for his victory at Yorktown?

25. Why did the British sign the peace treaty granting American independence?

26. What arguments were made by Thomas Paine in the pamphlet "Common Sense"?