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Prof. West

1. Why was the American population roughly doubling every 20 years in the late 1700,s?

2. What important legislation did the first Congress of 1789 pass into law?

3. What area of civil liberties did the Bill of Rights not cover?

4. Why would the Bill of Rights be important in America's future?

5. What were the main goals of Hamilton's financial program?

6. What majopr features of Hamilton's financial program were enacted into law by the Congress?

7. Why did political parties develop in the 1790's?

8. What reasons did Hamilton's opponents give for opposing his financial program?

9. Which treaty allowed the United States access to New Orleans and the Mississippi River for trade?

10. What was Washington's policy with regard to the war between England and France?

11. What were the main provisions of Jay's Treaty?

12. What did Washington warn against in his farewell address?

13. What was the attitude of Jefferson's Republican Party toward the two-party sysytem, which had evolved by 1800?

14. What were the main objectives of the Federalist Party?

15. What was President Adam's policy with respect to French attacks on American ships?

16. What was the XYZ Affair?

17. According to the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions, who had the power to intervene when the Federal government exceeded its powers?

18. What was the main achievement of the Federalists during their years of power?

19. What was Jefferson's attitude about the proper role of the government?

20. What were the primary principles which Jefferson espoused?

21. What was the purpose of Jefferson's initial program?

22. What was an important result of the election of 1800?

23. Which individual was most responsible for advancing the practice of judicial review?

24. What doctrine was supported by the decision of the Supreme Court in Marbury vs. Madison?

25. What was the "Second Great Awakening"?

26. What was goal of Tecumseh and what happened to him?

27. Why was the Embargo Act passed and what were its effects?

28. How did Jefferson attempt to protect American neutrality through "peaceful coercion"?

29. What were the views of the "War Hawks" and where were most of them located?

30. What were the essential provisions of the Treaty of Ghent?

31. What ironical turn of events in Jefferson's administration helped to destroy his vision of an agrarian America?

32. What were the provisions of the Transcontinental Treaty?

33. What was the main idea of the Monroe Doctrine?