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Review for 5th Test
Prof.. West

1. What was the effect of a market economy upon agriculture.

2. What important breakthrough pushed cotton production to the center of American agriculture?

3. What economic development was the key to the accelerating growth of a national market?

4. What were the circumstances and effects of the building of the Erie Canal?

5. Where was the steamboat first introduced and where did it have its greatest impact?

6. What did farmers begin to do as they shifted to commercial agriculture?

7. Who were the workers in the textile factories at Lowell before 1845?

8. In what industry did the factory system begin?

9. How did the development of a market economy affect the status of workers, the per capita wealth of Americans, values of materialism, and degrees of specialization?

10. What were the provisions of the Missouri Compromise?

11. What were the characteristics of politics during the Age of Jackson?

12. What happened in the Presidential election of 1824?

13. What major political leader advocated state nullification of federal law in order to oppose the tariff?What was characteristic of the new party system, which developed in the 1830's?

14.How did President Jackson feel about the "spoils system"?

15.What major issues were of concern in the Jackson administration?

16. Which political leader advocated the idea of state nullification of federal law?

17. What issues were debated in connection with the Nullification Crisis of 1832?

18. How did Jackson destroy the National Bank?

19. What major problem confronted President Van Buren soon after he took office?

20. What was Transcendentalism?

21. What important event occurred in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848?

22. What reform effort was affected by the Gag Law?

23. How did slavery affect the southern economy?

24. What was the most common form of slave resistance?

25. What were major factors unifying southern society?

26. What arguments were raised in support of slavery in the 1830's?

27. What was the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny? How and why did it develop?

28. What major controversy arose as a result of western expansion?

29. What was the status of Texas after the Texans defeated the Mexican army in 1836?

30. What were among the major consequences of the Mexican War?

31. What was the nature of the settlements of the Mormons in Utah?

32. What was a mediating or compromise position concerning slavery in the early 1850's?

33. What were the provisions of the Compromise of 1850?