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Review for 6th Test
Prof. West

1. Where did the mid-century immigrants come from and why did they migrate to the United States?

2. How did the Kansas-Nebraska Act provide for the status of slavery in that territory?

3. Why was Senator Stephen Douglas interested in organizing the territories of the Louisiana Purchase?

4. Why was the Kansas-Nebraska Act controversial?

5. What were the results of the passage of the Kansas-Nabraska Act?

6. Why was the Republican Party organized, and what issues were of primary concern to the party?

7. What issues were the primary concerns of the "Know Nothing" or American Party?

8. What were the provisions of the Dred-Scott decision by the Supreme Court?

9. How did Senator Douglas defend popular sovereignty despite the Dred Scott ruling?

10. How was John Brown's raid at Harpers Ferry significant?

11. What was the role of "King Cotton" in the Confereracy's attempt to get international recognition?

12. What slaves were declared to be free by Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation?

13. What economic legislation was passed by the Republican Congress during the Civil War?

14. Who was "the general", whom Lincoln had been looking for to command Union Armies, and why did Lincoln support him consistently?

15. What were the convictions of the "Radical Republicans" in Congress about Reconstruction?

16. How can you characterize the southern response to war's end and Johnson's program of Reconstruction?

17. What were the nature and effects of Andrew Johnson's presidential reconstruction program?

18. What was the northern interpretation of the Black Codes?

19. What were the provisions of the Congressional Reconstruction program?

20. What were the provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment?

21. What were the provisons of the Fifteenth amendment?

22. What is the real meaning of the South's "redemption"?

23. In the final analysis, how best can Reconstruction be understood?

24. What new border state was created because of dissidents in a southern state who were opposed to secession from the Union?