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Industrialization and Revolution

Theme (1): The Liberal Revolution (Chapter 20 of McKay-Hill)
What is the liberal revolution? What are the examples of liberal revolutions in Europe? How do the liberal revolutions introduce a new era in European political history? What are the phases of revolution? liberal revolution
How can the English Revolution be explained in terms of the phases of revolution? English Revolution
How can the American Revolution be explained in terms of the phases of revolution?  American Revolution
How can the French Revolution be explained in terms of the phases of revolution? Why is the French Revolution particularly significant? French Revolution: Site (1) Site(2)
Marie Antoinette
How did Napoleon become involved in the French Revolution? How did he gain power? What were the main elements of Napoleon's imperialism?
What did Napoleon's Empire signify in the process of the French Revolution?
Napoleon: See French Revolution above
Site (2): biographical sketch

Theme (2): The First Stage of Industrialization in Europe (1750-1850) (Chapter 21)
Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in England in the 18th century? What sector of industry first developed? How was the problem of energy sources solved? What new inventions were essential? How was the transportation problem solved? Industrial Revolution
How did the Industrial Revolution spread to the European continent? How did the process differ from the English experience? To what other areas of the world did industrialization reach in the19th century?  to what extent? Dissemination: See Industrial Revolution above
What was the factory system, why did it develop and what were the consequences? Factory system
How did the English political system respond to the challenges of industrialization in the first half of the nineteenth century? What is "laissez faire" and what was the predominant view of the English in regard to it? English Reform
Laissez faire
What is socialism and what forms did it take in the early 19th century?
What are thecentral ideas of Marxism, how did it develop, and what impact did it have in the nineteenth century?
Socialism and Marxism

Theme (3): Congress of Vienna, Romanticism, and the Revolutions of 1848 (Chapter 22)
What were the goals which motivated the great powers of Europe at the Congress of Vienna? To what extent were the powers successful in establishing a balance of power? To what extent were they successful in resisting revolution and maintaining the status quo?  Congress of Vienna
What was involved in the intellectual movement known as Romanticism? How does it compare with the Enlightenment? How was Romanticism related to the political and economic circumstances of post-Napoleonic Europe? Romanticism
What was the Revolution of 1830 in Paris? What was the nature of the Orlean dynasty? How and why did the Revolution of 1848 break out in Paris? What were the phases of the Revolution of 1848 in France? How and why did Napoleon III come to power in France? What was unique about the government of the Second Empire under Napoleon III? The Revolution of 1830: See Congress of Vienna above
The Revolution of 1848
What were the phases of the Revolutions of 1848 in Prussia? in Austria? in Italy? in Hungary? in Germany? What was the general outcome of the Revolutions of 1848 and why? The Revolution of 1848: See same site above

Theme (4): Urbanization, Family, Class Structure, Health and Population Growth (Chapter 23)
How did industrialization affect the cities of Europe in the19th century? What urban reforms were undertaken? How did new technology eventually improve the quality of life in cities? Urbanization
How did industrialization affect the family? the roles of men, women and children? the class structure? Family and Class
What improvements in health occurred in the late 19th century? What was the bacterial revolution? How did the changes in urbanization and health affect population growth? Bacterial revolution

Theme (5): Scientific and Technological Progress in the 19th and early 20th Centuries (Chapter 24)
What were the major examples of technological progress? Technology
What major breakthroughs occurred in physics and chemistry? Physics 
What major breakthroughs occurred in biology? What is the theory of evolution and why was it controversial?  Biology
What important developments occurred in sociology and psychology? Sociology

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