International Taxation

    No government can possess sovereignty without the power to tax and to raise revenue. This was one of the realizations that led to the Constitutional Convention of 1787, which created the Federal government of the United States.
    The United Nations depends, for all of its funding. upon the willingness of member nations to make contributions. There have been frequent failures to meet those financial obligations of membership. The United States, the most wealthy nation in the world, has failed to pay its dues and has used its financial power to coerce the UN into making certain reforms demanded by the U.S.
    Proposals have been made to give the United Nations some degree of financial independence through the approval of a small tax on international travel or international trade. Given the growing volume of international activities, and the relatively small budget of the United Nations (It is far less than the budget of New York City), the cost to any individual is very small.
    These proposals have met with strong opposition in the United States.