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Limitation of the Veto Power

    So long as the five permanent members of the Security Council have an absolute veto, there is a severe limitation to sovereign power at the international level. Furthermore, the five permanent members, chosen on the basis of power relationships at the end of World War II, do not accurately reflect the present world situation. Should a united Germany, the largest nation in Europe, outside of Russia, be given permanent status. Should Japan. the second largest economy in the world, be given status? Should India, the second most populous nation in the world be given status? If these nations are given permanent status, and are also given the veto power, the Security Council will be more ineffective than ever.
    These issues have been studied and reform proposals have been made. They combine the idea of increasing the permanent membership of the Security Council with different methods of limiting the veto. None of the reform proposals have gained the support of the great powers. Are they foundering upon the rock of national sovereignty?