Report Requirements

Independent Studies

HS-107          Prof. West

NGO Report

As an alternative to the book report, a research report may be done, based on an NGO or non-governmental organization.

The NGO report will consist of the following elements:

1. A thorough description of the goals of the organization.
2. A history which explains in detail the circumstances that led to the creation of the organization,
as well as how the organization has evolved since its creation.
3. Significant anecdotes about the experience of the organization that reveal the successes and
failures, and the advantages and disadvantages of  its approach and strategy in achieving its goals.
4. A conclusion, which pulls together, concisely but thoroughly, the relationships and connections
between the various points you have made.

The report should have a minimum of 6 typewritten, double-spaced pages, using a font size of
10 or 12. There should be a cover sheet which clearly states the topic of the report as well as your name, and course and section numbers. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself.

The report must be an expression of your own understanding of the material. Do not paraphrase
from the journals published by the organization. Whenever you quote from a reference, always
provide full documentation including page numbers. If the organization has a web page, which you
have used, be sure to give the full internet address enclosed in brackets< >.

Include a bibliography with at least three separate sources. At least one of these should be a
source independent of the organization. It should be a critical or annotated bibliography containing
brief comments about the usefulness of each source.

If the organization is local (Suffolk or Nassau Counties), include in your report the results of an
interview with the executive director of  the organization. It is also desirable, though not required,
that you volunteer to work in the organization. If you can do so, your report on your personal experiences will be a valuable part of  the paper.  If the organization is not local, contact them by mail and/or e-mail, explain what you are doing and seek whatever information they might be able to send you that would be useful to your report.

Consult frequently with the instructor and advise him of your progress in doing the report.

A partial list of non-governmental organizations may be found by clicking on the Independent Study link below.

Report Requirements

Independent Studies