Preface and Acknowledgments

The essays to follow are a product of 43 years (and counting) of teaching History courses at Suffolk County Community College. The advent of computers and the internet has made it possible for me to accumulate writing that I have made available to students and colleagues. They have been organized for use within the various courses I am teaching.

The Tenured Faculty Development program has provided me with the incentive to re-organize the essays into a thematic, sequential order, no longer constrained by the artificial separations required by particular courses. Most of the essays are those I have previously written for courses I have taught, however, I am adding a few additional essays, and expanding on others for the sake of continuity, and to establish a comprehensive, logical narrative.

This is still a work-in-progress, but the essential outline and content has been established. Hopefully, it will be found useful by some of my colleagues, and by the occasional student who might desire a more complete explanation of my understanding of important historical developments. At some point, perhaps, it will be the basis for a book.

I wish to express my appreciation to colleagues with whom I have shared ideas about history and about teaching over the years. I particularly want to recognize the valuable help I received from Professor Martin Lubin, with whom I collaborated in the development of my first web site for HIS 101, the course in the Origins of Western Civilization. I also wish to thank Professors Judith Travers and Gary Goodwin for their participation as co-team members in the Tenured Faculty Development process.

And I doubt that this endeavor would have seen the light of day without the frequent assistance I have received from the Computer Support Service people .



Historical Analysis