Report requirements

Third Report (HIS102)

Include a cover sheet with the Course identification, HIS-102, the title of your report, i.e.:" Fossil Fuel Bubble," and your name.

The report must have a minimum of 6 typewritten double-spaced pages. Originality of expression is important. Do not paraphrase the author. Express your understanding of what you have read in your own words. Copying without proper quotations and references is plagiarism and will result in failure of the course. Occasional quotations, properly referenced, are permissible and may enhance the report.

To get full benefit from the essay, read it online. DO NOT PRINT. There are numerous links to more detailed information.

To begin, click on the link for the essay:

Summarize the highlights of the essay entitled: Fossil Fuel Bubble. In your summary, be sure that you answer the following questions: Devote at least one separate paragraph to each question and label each one by highlighting in bold print the first words of the first sentence in the lead paragraph (Example above)

1. Describe two ways in which geography had a major impact on the course of history.

2. Describe the way in which economic growth, through the process of producing a surplus, which leads to specialization and trade, has an effect upon the class structure.

3. Explain world population growth since 1650. Include specific estimates of population in the following years: 1650, 1900, 2000, and 2010. Do the math: How many times has population multiplied since 1650?

4. Define the fossil fuel bubble and its relationship to the Industrial Revolution. How long has the "bubble" been inflating, and what is its status or condition in the 21st century?

5. What is the relationship between the fossil fuel bubble and climate change? What is the long term solution?

6. If a solution is not activated, what are the implications for the future of western civilization ---- of world civilization?

Complete your report with concluding remarks about your reaction to this essay.