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World Parliament
Binding Triad

    A Parliament of the world has been proposed as an alternative to the General Assembly. The members of  a world parliament would not represent member states of the United Nations as does the General Assembly. Rather, each member would be democratically elected by constituents within districts that were proportional to population. This would overcome two major objections to the existing arrangement of the General Assembly; that is, that it only represents states, not people; and that it corrects the imbalance in voting power given to small states.
    A less radical proposal, which would preserve the existing General Assembly, is the Binding Triad. This proposal requires that the General Assembly have three concurrent votes for the passage of legislation; one based on the principle of one nation, one vote (as is now the rule), one based on Population, and one based on contributions to the UN budget.
    The purpose of both of these proposals is to establish greater fairness in representation of the world community, so that a World Parliament or a General Assembly based on the Binding Triad could truly be accepted as a legislature which can pass laws binding upon the entire world community. At present, the United Nations lacks the sovereign power to make law on the international level.