Report Requirements


Elizabeth Warren, This Fight is Our Fight: the Battle to Save America's Middle Class

Summarize the essential points made by the author. Include in your summary, answers to the following questions:

1. What does the career of Senator Warren, even before she became involved in politics, reveal about her views of the American middle class? What family experiences are among the the reasons for this view?

2. What is meant by the two-income trap, and how has that developed?

3. How has the cost of a college education changed since Elizabeth Warren began her college experience? What are some of the reasons for this change?

4. What has happened to levels of debt by middle class Americans since the 1970s? What about state and local government debt? What about the Federal debt?

5. How has the role of government regulations changed since the time of the Reagan administration? How have levels of union membership changed? What has happened to levels of taxation and progressive tax schedules changed?

6. After 1980, When President Reagan was elected, how has the economic balance between classes shifted? What has happened to the share of growth going to the middle class and the poor ---- and the share going to the top 10% of income earner? How has the Federal minimum wage changed relative to the inflation rate?

7. How has the role of money in politics changed since the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in 1971, called for and accepted the secret memo of Judge Lewis Powell as an objective appraisal of of the role of corporations in the American economy?

8. What is the difference in proportion of wealth by whites, by African-Americans, by Latinos, and by women?

9. Based on the cabinet appointees, made by President Trump, whose interest are they likely to serve; corporations or middle class workers; public or private education; students or bankers; fossil fuel or renewable energy developers?

10. Upon what does Senator Warren base her hopes for a restored democracy and a better future?

Your report must be at least 6 full typewritten pages using a font size no larger than 12. The report must be an original expression of your understanding. Paraphrasing should be avoided, and quotations used sparingly to illustrate important points.