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European Power Balance and World War I

Theme (1): European Power Balance (1871-1914) (Chapter 26 of Mckay-Hill)
What were Bismarcks foreign policy goals during his Chancellorship? How did he attempt to achieve those goals? What was the pre-occupation of French foreign policy? What were the foreign policy goals of England? --- of Russia? ----of Austria-Hungary?  How was the Ottoman Empire related to the European power balance? European diplomacy
Why were there fundamental sources of friction between Austria-Hungary and Russia? What caused the Russo-Turkish War of 1877? What happened at the Congress of Berlin? What was the status of Bulgaria? ---- of Serbia? ----of Bosnia? How did the Russians respond to the agreement? How did Bismarck respond to the aftermath of the Congress of Berlin?  Congress of Berlin
How did German foreign policy change after Bismarck retired? Why did France and Russia come together in Franco-Russian alliance of 1894? How did English foreign policy change in reaction to Germany? What was the significance of the Fashoda Agreement between France and England? What was the outcome of the Algeciras conference? Why did England sign a naval treaty with Japan? What happened in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904? What was the Dual Entente? What was the Triple Entente and what did it signify? What was the Schlieffen Plan and what did it signify? Changes after 1890
What did the Austrians do in regard to Bosnia in 1908? What happened in Turkey in 1908? How was this related to changing circumstances in the Balkans? What was the outcome of the First Balkan War? --- the Second Balkan War? ---- the Third Balkan War? What occurred in Bosnia in 1914 to initiate world war? War begins

Theme (2): Causes and Characteristics of World War I: (Chapter 26)
How did the Great powers of Europe become involved in the Great War? Why did most people give patriotic support for the war effort? What happened in the first month of the war? What additional nations became involved in November, 1914, and in June, 1915? Causes: See War Begins above
Nature of War
What occurred on the western front to determine the nature of the war there? What happened on the Russian front? What was the nature of trench warfare? See Nature of War above
What was the position and role of the United States in the first 2 1/2 years of the war? When did the United States enter the war as a belligerent? Why? How did U.S. involvement in the war, affect the course of the war? See Nature of War above
Wilson's 14 Points
How and under what circumstances did the Influenza epidemic of 1918 develop? Influenza Epidemic

Theme (3): Immediate Consequences of World War I: (Chapter 27, 28)
What was the effect of the war upon Germany?   upon France?    upon England?  upon the United States?    upon Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire? What were the major provisions of the Versailles Treaty of 1919? Effects of WWI
Versailles Treaty
League of Nations
What circumstances led to the Russian Revolution? What was Lenin's policy and why did the Bolsehevik faction emerge as the new Russian government in 1917? What were the circumstances of the civil war in Russia following World War I? Russian Revolution
How and why did the Russian Revolution lead to the establishment of the Soviet empire? What was Lenin's New Economic Program? What was the status of  Russian farmers in the 1920,s? What occurred among the leaders of the Soviet government after the death of Lenin? The Soviet Empire

Theme (4): Long-term Consequences of World War I: (Ch.28, 29)
What were the characteristics of Joseph Stalin as a leader? Why and how did he rise to power in the Soviet Union durung the 1920s? What policies and methods did he adopt after 1928? What were the effects of those policies upon the Russian people and the Soviet Empire in the 1930s.  See the Soviet Empire above
What were the major economic consequences of the war upon Europe, and particularly upon Italy and Germany? What was the economic position of the United States after the war, and how did U.S. policies affect Europe? Where did the Great Depression begin and why? Why and how did the Depression spread to Europe?  European Economy Between the Wars
Why and how did fascism develop in Italy after World War I? What problems confronted the Weimar Republic in Germany? How and why did the Nazi Party arise in Bavaria after World War I? What was the role of Hitler in the Nazi Party?  The Weimar Republic
Why and how did Hitler and the Nazi Party come to power in Germany? What was the nature of the Nazi regime? How did Hitler consolidate his power? How and why did Hitler's foreign policy lead to a second World War? How and why did World War I create the conditions which led to World War II? Fascism
Nazi Germany

World War II

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