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World War II and Postwar Developments

Theme (1): World War II: Causes, Characteristics, and Immediate Consequences (Ch. 28)
What were the causes of World War II? What was the role of Germany in causing the war? What was the role of England and France? ---- of Russia? How was Austria involved? ------ Czechoslovakia? ------ Poland? Causes
Nazi Germany
What new weapons were involved in the war? What military strategy was used by the Germans in fighting the war? With what result? How was the war at sea fought? World War II
How did the war involve Russia? How did the United States enter the war? Where, primarily, was the European war fought? What were the consequences of U.S. and Russian involvement upon the nature of the war? What led to the development of the atomic bomb? With what result? See World War II above
Effects of World War II
Atomic Bomb
What was the holocaust, and what did it involve? Why was the United Nations created, and how was it organized? Nazi holocaust
United Nations also read "Achievements"

Theme (2): The Cold War and other Postwar Developments (Ch.29)
What was the Cold War and how did it develop? What were the circumstances of the Cold War in Europe?  ---- in Asia?   ----in other areas of the world? What were the nature and consequences of the U.S.-Soviet armaments race? How did the Cold War come to an end? The Cold War
What major global problems arose in the half century after World War II? To what extent has industrial development spread across the world? What are some common political challenges which industrially-developed nations have had to face? What happened to human population? Political Developments
Nationalism and Liberalism since 
World War II 
Population growth
How has the United Nations responded to international problems? What kind of support have member nations given to the United Nations? What is one proposed solution?

Nationalism vs.Internationalism
International Criminal Court

UN budget (1994)

  Historical analysis
Maps                  Maps of Europe AD1000:2000

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